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Brittany and Domannic Theriot founded Angel Prints Ultrasound with one mission in mind: to give expecting parents an unforgettable peek of their baby by use of the newest 3D/4D technology.  From the dawning of the company in 2006 until today, this mission is followed by all who are part of the Angel Prints Ultrasound family. Domannic and Brittany believed enough in their vision to place the true value of life at the front and center of their focus at a place they call home here in Louisiana.  As the leading 3D/4D facility in the state, our promise is to provide families with exceptional customer service and quality pictures.


We believe passion is one of the great forces that enables individuals to go above and beyond their call of duty on the job.  It is an important building block in establishing and maintaining exceptional service and quality work.  At Angel Prints Ultrasound we are equally passionate about providing a pleasant experience for all.  We not only provide the experience, but we are also passionate about joining in on the excitement.  Our passion conveys our genuine desire to make lasting connections between friends and family members.


Our desire is to treat our guests with the utmost respect.  We operate on high standards and believe in treating others as we would want to be treated ourselves.  Exceptional customer service is provided by maintaining mutual respect between our guest and staff.  Our wonderful team is compassionate and considerate, honoring the values and opinions of our guests at all times.  This creates a friendly and welcoming experience that can be compared to no other.


One of the greatest keys to success is being able to operate a business with integrity.  Honesty creates a positive atmosphere in which employees and guests are more inclined to feel at home.  We are honored to be able to share in one of the most remarkable moments of life and we want each and every person who visits us to leave with more than just a picture.

Parents approve!

My daughter had her 30 wks ultrasound and I was amazed at how much detail could be seen of Austin's expressions. Domannic was awesome and patient with the many family members that were there for the special event. Thank you for...Read more

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Baton Rouge

(225) 769 0000

5800 One Perkins Place STE 5B
Baton Rouge, LA 70808


(337) 267 3343

104 E. Kaliste Saloom Rd. Ste. 101
Lafayette, La. 70508